Month: April 2016

Lifeproof your phone when travelling

LifeProof  iPhone 6 Waterproof Case We all love to Travel, take photos and videos but we need to protect our phone and we don’t want a case too heavy or bulky.   Over the years the cases for protecting mobile phones have improved and after fully testing the LifeProof FRE iPhone 6 Waterproof Case, I have […]

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Life as an Airline Pilot

For most of us that Love to travel the airplane trip is a highlight to the holiday.   Of course we all hate the queues before hand and having to get to the airport  so early and then wait in line and then line up again for security checks.  ( Don’t get me wrong I […]

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Foreign Currency Finder

We finally have our first Travel App to share with you all.  Need to find a Foreign Currency Outlet while traveling. Foreign Currency Finder App will give you up to date exchange rates and display the location of nearby Foreign Currency Outlets, saving you time on your travels. Select the currency you want with our […]

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