Month: May 2016

Rome – Leonardo da Vinci Rome Airport Hotel

Leonardo da Vinci Rome Airport Hotel Review of my stay at Leonardo da Vinci Rome Airport Hotel, Via Portuense 2470, Fiumicino Airport, Rome, Italy 00054. My recent trip to Italy where I needed a couple of days to get organised and rest up before heading to the Island of Lipari off the cost of Milazzo in the […]

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Taking Photos while you travel. How you came to shoot that picture.

With the different types of cameras available to us in todays world we are able to capture not only whats in front of us but using the popular selfie sticks that we see everywhere now, but also with the great designs of water proof cases that are available we can capture underwater shots to  remind […]

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Travel bloggers, experience from others

With so many Travel bloggers people ask me why I started one and why not just read what others have?   Easy question to answer.  We are all unique in our own ways and what we share may seem to others to be the same but in fact has its differences.   For me I love […]

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