A Theme Park shaping our children’s future at Kidzania Singapore.

Whether it’s riding a roller coaster or skydiving indoors, there’s no shortage of fun activities to experience in Singapore.

Peel your children’s eyes away from the TV and take them out for some fun learning activities with the whole gang. KidZania Singapore will surely put your kids’ energy to good use. Get your little ones perked up and head to the theme park Kidzania Singapore on Sentosa Island located at Palawan Kids City, with fun-filled hands-on activities.

Kidzania Singapore on Sentosa Island located at Palawan Kids City.

As you approach the KidZania building, the first thing you notice which will capture your attention is the 25m-long Qatar Airways Boeing 737 aircraft, which is a decommissioned plane but truly gives the impact to the fun role playing activities waiting for your kids. Once you walk into KidZania you are presented with a full-wing fuselage of the Boeing 737 aircraft.  This impact once you enter is only the start to what is waiting for the kids inside KidZania.

Qatar Airlines KidZania

25m-long Qatar Airways Boeing 737 aircraft.

KidZania Singapore, suitable for children aged 4 to 17, KidZania is a new edutainment indoor kid-sized theme park that lets children experience over 60 different realistic role-play activities that mimics real-life scenarios, including working in a replica Fire Station as a Fire Fighter. KidZania covers 81,000 square feet, which is equivalent to 6 Olympic -sized swimming pools.

KidZania Fire fighters

KidZania Firestation.

The involvement of each child to take part in role playing a career is a fun way, having first hands-on experience in an exciting new theme park.

Each role playing includes the wearing of the uniforms for each type of career.  Now this looks fun!

Qatar Airline Pilots KidZania

Pilot a Boeing 737 as a Qatar Airline Pilot.

Pilot a Boeing 737 or work in a replica Fire Station as a Fire Fighter, role play as a Radio DJ, Dentist, learn how to drive at KidZania driving school and even abseiling climbing a building, then learn about the preparation of food at KFC, now that sounds delicious.

Preparation of food at KFC.

Kiss92fm – All the great songs in one place.

Its time for a dental check up at Sunstar Dental Clinic.

KidZania Firefighters save a Hotel from burning.

Learn how to fight fire as a KidZania Firefighter in this great role playing activity, having seen this in action, you can see the excitement on each child’s eyes.  KidZania has mastered the true value to ensuring the kids are involved in each role and this could be all that is needed to spark the imagination of the child to strive more to reach a goal later in life.  Now this is education at its best with fun-learning, that your children won’t stop talking about after their visit.

Fighting fires at KidZania

KidZania Firefighter at work.

Fire station KidZania

KidZania Fire station ready for duty.

KIdZania Driving School

KidZania Driving School.

Make your own Paddle pop ice cream.

Paddle pop ice cream KidZania

Making ice-cream, now this sounds like a treat….

Kidzania Pizza Hut

Cook Pizza with Pizza Hut. Making Pizza…. this sounds yummy.

KidZania Shops.

With each role playing activities your children earn KidZos, the official currency of KidZania. You can use KidZos to purchase goods and services at KidZania.

We were given the opportunity to tour KidZania to see first hand how the interaction of the children visiting this theme park and seeing the smiles and passion with each role playing activity.   KidZania’s structure on how each activity is set out is very professional and with the highly supportive staff members, your visit will no doubt leave your children wanting to visit again.

Lifebuoy health institute.

Role play treating patients at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in KidZania.

Mount Elizabeth Hospital Operating Theatre.

The KidZania Post – become a reporter and publish the next big News headline.

KidZania Police Station.

KidZania Police Station.

Learn about Handmade Rock Candy at the Sticky store.

Role play at the KidZania Nickelodeon Acting Academy, the next big star could be you!

Sport KidZania

KidZania Sports Stadium.

KidZania Sports Stadium – a great size playing field

After our visit of Kidzania, we had wished that this was around when we were kids. 🙂  KidZania Singapore is no ordinary theme park, it is a child’s new world to experiencing their future in this great role playing adventure.

There is so much for your children to explore at Kidzania, be sure to check out their website for more information and the best advice I can suggest is before heading to KidZania, book Online for a Discount at https://ticketing.kidzania.com.sg

Also be sure to keep up to date with the latest news by visiting KidZania Facebook page here Facebook @KidZaniaSingapore.

I see this theme park as a major part in children’s growth to achieving their dreams through the role playing at KIdZania. And the best thing about KidZania, it’s fun for the kids.


31 Beach View #01-01/02, Sentosa

Nearest MRT: HarbourFront




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