Smooth Travels with AirAsia and AirAsiaX. From Standard Seats to Hot Seats to Premium Flatbed.

This is was my first blog for AirAsia back in 2011 but it was my second time around traveling with AirAsia and AirAsiaX.  I have since then traveled with AirAsia many times now



Singapore to Penang:
Our flying experience began from Singapore flying to Penang for 5 days. Our Airport Check-in experience was great, using online check-in is a must and saves time especially when I saw how long the queue was when we arrived at the Airport. The AirAsia counter staff in Singapore were very polite and seeing the smiles 🙂 from the staff is a great way to start our traveling. When boarding the flight the smiles continued from the cabin crew, this is so important as it makes you feel very welcomed, even though the flight was just over 1 hour, we were very happy with the service.

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Penang to Kuala Lumpur:
Our next leg of our traveling was from Penang to Kuala Lumpur a 45min flight. We decided to try Express Boarding for this flight and seat selection for the first row.(Hot Seats) This was great which allows us to board first and works out well when arriving at your destination, it saved a bit time for us (I would use Express boarding again). The Cabin Crew were great, and before you knew it we were in Kuala Lumpur.

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Kuala Lumpur to Perth:
This last part of our travels, I had booked myself on the Premium Flatbed, I thought I give this a try as the flight began at 11.50pm and I don’t really sleep much on flights, and if I could sleep a few hours that would be great to arrive refreshed. We arrived at the airport early but it was only I that was traveling Premium, so I watched as my friend’s and other family members lined up behind what I saw as being over 60 people with the check-in counter not open for them as yet. I then proceeded to the Premium Check-In line, as I waited for about, less than 1 minute, the the Staff at the Premium check-in looked up, smiled and asked if I was Premium seating, I replied “Yes” and proceed to the counter, as I did a person from the standard seating check-in line came up to me asking why I was not at the back of the line as she had been waiting for an hour for the other counter to open ” I replied to her nicely by saying that I have Premium seating” The AirAsia staff explained to this other person that this is an option that you can purchase when booking your flight. I then checked in which was absolutely the best check-in service I have ever experienced. The Check-In was smooth, fast and no waiting time. This allowed me extra time to check in through immigration and security leaving more than enough time to do any last shopping at the airport before boarding my flight.

Boarding the plane is always my favourite, walking towards the Aircraft, seeing all Ground Crew working away getting things ready for the flight, then walking up the stairs being greeted with that smile and then seeing my seat, the Premium Flatbed. Wow, it looked so good and comfortable; when I sat down I felt relaxed and could not wait to stretch out my legs. Once we were ready to depart I was given a bottle of water, a blanket and a nice soft pillow. When we were in the air I was asked if I wanted my meal now or later, I was happy to eat at that stage so I could try and sleep afterwards. After my meal the lights were turned off for our comfort giving the choice to use our reading lights should I need any extra light. I then decided to take advantage of the Flatbed and recline the seat all the way. This was very comfortable allowing me to sleep with my legs stretched out. It was the first time I slept on a plane for more than 3 hours, and I felt so refreshed arriving in Perth. The Cabin Crew were great as the smiles continued as I walked off the plane. I waited for my friends and family in the arrival lounge, the first thing they noticed was that I looked so refreshed and awake, it was a good feeling.


Overall the Premium Flatbed seating was well worth it, from the priority check-in to the complimentary meal, to the pillow & blanket and receiving your luggage first on arrival. These little things make the flight with AirAsia a pleasure. But most of all it’s the AirAsia Staff that help make the flight a memorable one. Seeing smiles from the start our journey to our destination really shows that AirAsia truly is the choice for us.

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Thank you AirAsia and AirAsiaX for making our flying experience, enjoyable.

Safe Travels and have a great day 🙂


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