Boardingpassjourneys Releases Singapore Travel Guide

We at Boardingpassjourneys have finally released our Singapore Travel Guide Free for you to download.   We hope to be releasing more travel guides soon from other countries.

This travel guide is dedicated to the wonderful people of Singapore. Thank you for your hospitality, you truly have a beautiful city.

This Singapore Travel guide includes the history of Singapore with general information on Singapore for visitors listing out the Transportation in Singapore and the best part that we found was a list of local foods and the best way experience these. The travel guide explores the Nightlife in the City, Recreation & Leisure and of course Shopping in Singapore.  We have also included other useful information and helpful maps.

For a Free Copy of our Ebook, message us on facebook and send the message ” Send me the Singapore Travel guide” and we will send you a copy.

We certainly look forward to releasing other Travel Guides.  If there is a country you haven’t traveled to yet and would love us to have it added it to our list, please leave a comment below and as always we love to hear from you if you have any questions.

Safe Travels And Have A Wonderful Day.


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