Finding the best deals for Travel insurance

Travel Insurance is for our peace of mind should we need to use it, we want to feel that we are covered for anything that may disrupt our travel plans.  But choosing the right company can be very time consuming.  Do we really need to find the best deals for travel insurance?

Travel insurance

Most of us with our credit cards have the option of included travel insurance should you purchase the flight on the same credit card.  But is that really enough?  I find that if I am traveling alone and I use this feature on the credit card then it is fine, but if traveling with family you will need to read the fine print.  Most credit cards have changed their policy to only include the card owner and for an extra cost you can cover the family.  I found that when travelling with family I don’t take up the offer of Credit Card travel insurance, I take out a separate policy to ensure that we are all covered.

Travel insurance

Have you ever had to claim and how easy was the process?

Traveling for over 15 years I have had to claim a few times and these included: Stolen camera, injury which was not too serious.  And I have tried quite a few Travel insurance companies. I have found that when I had to claim, the hoops I had to go through was not something I needed when I was looking for help. I luckily came across a travel insurance company that when I had to claim was very helpful and the process was easy.

When you search for travel insurance you need to determine which plan is right for you. Most Travel insurers will offer different categories.

Budget travellers:

Comprehensive cover:

Extensive cover:

Each of these can be very important when looking at travel cover.

Leave a comment below and share your experience of choosing travel insurance.  Did you have to claim and how did you find your travel insurance company when they had to process and help you while overseas.

Have a great day and safe travels. 🙂


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