Hawaii- Natural beauty we all must visit.

Hawaii – where dreams of every tourist come true

Tourists name it as paradise on earth. Most people include it in their bucket list of must-visit places. Be it natural beauty, surfing opportunities or food, there is no place that can match up to its appeal.  Hawaii, the isolated archipelago located in the Central Pacific.

Our team at Boardingpassjourneys have travelled to the Islands of Hawaii a total of 6 times and we felt that it was time to write up some details to share with you.

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Hawaii – basic things you need to know

Beauty, adventure, thrills and history, Hawaii packs all that you want to explore on a holiday. Whether you are a nature lover or a foodie, whether you are on your honeymoon trip or a vacation with families, Hawaii would make it memorable.

Hawaii comprises of 8 major islands and many islets, atolls, and seamounts. The major islands are Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, and Niihau.

The Big Island officially known as Hawaii is the largest island of this archipelago.

Hawaii is so full of attractions that it is hard to decide which one to include. You may want to create your itinerary depending on the things you want to do in Hawaii. The climate remains more or less constant throughout the year and hence you can plan your vacation any time of the year.

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Traveling to Hawaii

As Boardingpassjourneys is based in Australia and Singapore we look at the traveling to Hawaii from these 2 places. The fastest and easiest way to visit Hawaii from Singapore is by air. There are plenty of flights to the major islands and depending on your travel plans, you can book any flight from most airlines. From Australia, it takes around 9-10 hours to fly to Hawaii. There are direct flights connecting all the major cities of Australia to the islands of Hawaii. So, plan your trip, think of the things you want to do in Hawaii first then look at booking. Some of the Airlines to consider at when booking your flights to Hawaii include: Japan Airlines, Asiana Airlines, AirAsia United Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Jetstar, Hawaiian Airlines,Air New Zealand,China Airlines, Korean Air,China Eastern ,Scoot, Singapore Airlines, Delta , Fiji Airway.

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Touring Hawaii – which islands to visit

Of the eight major islands of Hawaii, only six are open for tourists. Of these, only four, namely Maul, Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii are the hot favourite with tourists. Lanai and Molokai receive few footfalls. Kahoolawe and Niihau are inaccessible to the general public. It takes around 5 hours to reach any of the four islands from US mainland via flights. There are commuter airlines that offer flights to hop between the islands. Within 20-50 minutes you can travel from one island to another. A few private companies conduct inter-island tours also. The ferry is another option. You can reach Molokai and Lanai from Maul through ferries.

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What are the things to do in Hawaii?

Now we come to the most exciting part of this article. Hawaii presents an array of choices to its visitors. From the quaint shores of Waikiki beach to the dramatic Kilauea Volcano, from jagged cliffs of Kauai to golfing in Hawaii, there are so many awe-inspiring things to do here.

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Credit @jamesraffaele_

Kauai – blend happiness with relaxation

Kauai is the fourth largest island in Hawaii and known as the Garden Isle due to its rainforest cover. With its pristine beaches and lush landscape, it provides the perfect gateway to the tired souls. 50 miles of sand coast gifts Kauai with some of the most picturesque beaches of Hawaii. On the north shore, you would find beaches protected by coral reefs. Anini and Kee beaches are the most notable here. On the east side, Kalapaki and Kealia Beach are popular for surfing. You can get plenty of doses of adventure in Kauai. Go for the Waimea Canyon and cliff trail. Go and have a look of the gigantic Wailua Falls. Explore the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge. You will get stunning views of the valley and also add kayaking on the Hanalei River. There are plenty of hotels, resorts, and rentals to stay in Kauai.

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Big island – connect to your own self

The biggest island of the Hawaii archipelago welcomes you with its beaches, cliffs, botanical gardens and of course, volcanoes. Pack your days with fun, thrill and loads of adventure. Go snorkelling or surfing on the beaches. Biking is another great way to explore the island on your own.Enjoy the outdoors by going for camping activities and don’t miss the Hilo Kilauea volcano. It’s a lifetime experience to watch the eruptions from this active volcano and in no way you are going to miss it! Hiking is another thrilling activity you must opt for. A must see is the Mauna Kea Observatories at 10,000 Feet, you are sure to see a magnificent view. Hike through the barren lava fields and through craters and some of the well-hidden beaches.

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Lastly, witness the Hawaiian culture through its Luau and Hula performances. These shows expose you to the Hawaiian culture and cuisine and are very popular with tourists.

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Oahu – where dreams come true

The third largest island of Hawaii is also known as the Gathering Place. Like other islands, Oahu has its own unique attractions and Pearl Harbor is one of them. It evokes strong emotions due to its historical background. Visit the Pacific Aviation Museum, Battleship Missouri Memorial, and Arizona Memorial.

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Other than this, get a stunning aerial view of the island from the helicopter.

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There are many hiking trails that you may try if adventure beckons you. Stairway to Heaven calls for special attention. You need to climb 3922 stairs to get an imposing view of the island. Sounds exciting? I can bet this would be the most memorable part of your Hawaii tour. But please note that the path to and climbing of the stairs is technically closed to the public, if you do decide to climb the Stairway to Heaven, you are doing this at your own risk.

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Credit @exploreworldtravell

Maui – the valley isle

The second largest and perhaps the most popular of the Hawaiian Islands beckons you to explore its natural beauty. Beaches, migration of humpback whales and striking sunrise and sunset make it a favourite with wanderlust. Central Maui has the famous Iao Valley State Park which is known for its forests and valleys and streams. If road trips excite you, drive down the iconic Hana Highway. It snakes around 52 miles, exposing you to 600 white-knuckle turns and 50 bridges and taking you to a small village named Hana which has some idyllic settings to calm your body and mind. Here, you would find the famous Pools of oheo, tiered pools fed by waterfalls where you can take dips in the tranquil water. Don’t miss the beaches. The Kaanapali beach is one of the best of Hawaii. Let Maui mesmerize you with its snorkelling activities, verdant forests and innumerable trekking options that let you get into its beautiful heart.

Credit @jamesraffaele_ Road to Hana

Credit @jamesraffaele_ Road to Hana

Where to stay in Hawaii

Let’s give you a quick guide on where to stay in the Hawaiian Islands so that you can enjoy your vacation. We have stayed at many hotels on the island, and even a few Airbnb places which is great if you have a few extra people staying with you and you need the extra room that a hotel room may not offer. There are some really nice airbnb places in Hawaii and are very affordable.

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The Big Island offers scope for beach vacation along with enjoying the countryside. So, choose a place near the eastern side to enjoy the beaches or in the west to witness the landscape. In Maui, the south has plenty of resorts that offer upscale accommodation. East Maui is more apt for backpackers while the western side is ideal for enjoying urban comfort. It would be a good idea to stay put in Honolulu as it is the largest city in the islands and offers various options for daily island hopping. If you want to enjoy a peaceful vacation, head to Kauai as we found that each island certainly has its own beauty and hidden treasures to view. So, are you ready?

Create your plan, write up your wish list and just hop on that flight. Hawaii promises to fill every day of your vacation with surprises that would make your heart overflow with love and joy. Try different activities, there is a lot to do, don’t hesitate to go off-the-beaten-track and you will discover the beauty and spirit of Hawaii that has won the hearts of millions of travellers.

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