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We at being based in Australia and Singapore always try to find a getaway destination that we can share with others that is not too far away, but far enough to escape and find tranquility, the inner peace to renew the energy of the body and mind.   We decided to travel to Sri Lanka for its beauty is often not recognized and appreciated by many. The country is known for its tranquillity and pristine beaches along with its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic Sri Lankan cuisine. To plan a trip to Sri Lanka is the most effortless one. With many tourist attractions, you will never run out of options when it comes to make the best of your vacay. Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for friends, family and couples alike. If you are living in countries such as Australia or Singapore, then a vacation in Sri Lanka will not burn your pocket at all. You can get the maximum pleasure out of your money and make tonnes of memories in Sri Lanka.

How To Get There:

Sri Lanka is well connected to most of the countries in the world and especially Australia and Singapore through air. Air fares are lower during the monsoon season and are typically a bit pricier during the season or the right time to visit Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has several international and domestic airports. You can select your flights according to your itinerary and plan your trip according to it. If you choose to stay in a good hotel then they are most likely to offer the airport shuttle service to their guests.

How To Get Around Sri Lanka:

If you want to take your trip the backpacker style then you can surf through backpacker hostels in Sri Lanka while exploring the country’s rich and vibrant culture. Sri Lanka is conveniently connected by public transport. If you want to get to your next city sooner, you can consider domestic flights.

While in Sri Lanka, you must experience the Rickshaw transport available. The tri-cycle ride you take will be fun and a different experience during your stay there.

Sri Lanka- Popular Attractions:

The most popular attractions in Sri Lanka are scattered throughout the country. However, tea plantations are by far the most popular sightseeing options for tourists. Sri Lanka is the world’s 4th largest producer of tea. Originally, tea was introduced in Sri Lanka by the British forces who wanted to compete with China in the production of tea. Today, being on the list of world’s top 10 tea contributors, Sri Lanka has the authentic and natural origin of tea as well as several mixed blended ones. While in Sri Lanka you must taste the Sinhalese tea style from one of the many shops that sell the drink.

The “Tea” Quotient:

For every traveller who loves tea, here are a couple of amazing things you can do in Sri Lanka.


  • Hundungoda Tea Estate: The ideal spot for people in a hurry, this plantation gives a 1 hour tour that explains the various processes of planting and harvesting tea. For long term guests, the estate also offers rooms. There is a tea museum too, if you want to get your facts right.
  • Halppewatte Tea Factory: This factory that has been running for about 35 years now uses cutting edge technology to give the best single blend tea to the world. While visiting the Halpewatte tea factory, one will understand the sustained growth they have achieved through the years.

Horton Plains:

Also called as the world’s end by travellers, this plateau comes to an abrupt end at the” world’s end” with a steep plunge of 880ms. The walk to the plateau alone takes up to 4kms. But the stunning views you get from the Horton plains are truly worthy.

Sigiriya Mountians

When you are in Sri Lanka, make it a goal to climb the Sigiriya Mountains. The atmosphere and vibes of the mountains are almost therapeutic and relaxing. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world, with its history dating back to 10 A.D.

Spot Elephants:

Walking amidst elephants is pretty much a regular thing in Sri Lanka. You can spot elephants everywhere. Most of the times, the elephants would be taking their routine “herd walk”. If you are a wildlife enthusiast then elephant spotting should be on your bucket list.

Nuawara Eliya:

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya should be on your list too. The destination is exceptionally beautiful and the surroundings are clean, green and there is less pollution. Nuwara Eliya is also the most famous destination for travel photographers and travel writers alike. The scenic skies are sure to mesmerize anyone who visits.

Cave Temple

Located in the southern part of Dambulla, this complex structure lies a 160m above the ground. 5 different caves contain about 150 statues and paintings of Buddha and it is fascinating to the eye. History isn’t always bad right?


Go Sea food

Unless you are allergic to sea food, you must definitely try the Sri Lankan Cuisine. Though it isn’t very different from Indian cuisine, the proximity to the sea makes Sinhalese cuisine revolve mainly around sea food. Jaffna crab curry is a world famous dish and the Sri Lankans believe that the taste comes best when sampled at the source. The rich coconut grind that goes in the curry is what makes it lip smacking delicious.

Currency and Conversion:

The best forex rates are often observed in one’s home country. While visiting Sri Lanka from Australia or Singapore, you can truly have the best of everything. One Australian dollar equals 123 Sri Lankan Rupees whereas one Singapore Dollar equals 117 Sri Lankan rupees.

Although there are many forex options available in Sri Lanka, right from the airport, they are not as profitable to the customer. Hence, you can save them as a last resort.

Best Places to Stay in:

Ceylon Tea Trails: Located in a hill country, Ceylon Tea trails provides stunning views of tea plantations from the bungalow.

Tri, Koggala Sri Lanka:

Set overlooking the hills, this hotel is a dream come true for the eye. You will experience pure tranquillity from the stunning lake view rooms.

Ulagalla: Conveniently within the reach of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, Ulagalla offers 20 chalets spread over 58 acres of greenery. Perfect for couples and families.

As not all the staff from attended this trip we will not doubt be returning to Sri Lanka as a group to bring you a full write up with videos and alot more images to entice you all, for your trip to Sri Lanka.

Travel well and stay strong and enjoy this beautiful world we live in.


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