Keeping in touch with Travel Sim cards

Travel Sim cards:

Using your mobile while overseas is something we all want to do, to keep in touch and post our status or post that photo to share with your family and friends. But if not careful you may end up with a bill shock at the end of your holiday.  To avoid ending up with a bill that could be $1000’s of dollars, look at Travel Sims, they are easy to use and you top up with what you want to spend.

Travel Sim Cards

In my travels I have used a few different Travel Sims and depending on what country you are visiting will depend on what type of Sim card you need.

I found that most Travel insurance companies sometimes offer a free sim card that allows you to use your current number.  This is great as you all you need to do is activate the sim card, select the country and choose your data limit.  The most I paid for visiting Italy using a 1Gb data pack was $130, which was enough for my 7 day trip. And the call rates that applied to my plan were 0.30 per minute and all calls received were free, Text message was 0.15.

But I normally use Skype or WhatsApp for calls which is part of my data plan.

Skype       WhatsApp


Most people have been using these Apps for a while now, but if you haven’t yet, download these for Free and enjoy using your Data to chat to family and Friends.

Leave a comment below on which Travel Sims you use when traveling overseas.

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