Let 2016 be the year for Travel

Happy New Year everyone ūüôā

Hope you feel fresh and ready for new adventures in your life. Let 2016 be the year that you travel more, see places that you have dreamed about and most important, find time for yourself to reflect on your goals.

Travel the world

Plan your journey and choose a place you wish to visit.  Do research on the destination and always check your local government smart traveller website.  Visit Smartraveller

Be safe when you travel and don’t risk travelling without organising¬†travel insurance as it is very important¬†in preparing for your overseas trip. If you are uninsured, you can be personally liable for covering any medical or other costs resulting from unexpected incidents or accidents. I always read in Travel blogs the famous words “If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel.” ¬† Don’t risk it, be safe.

Vaccinations are important depending on where you travel.  Its safe and important as you need to look after your health. Refer to the Smartraveller website for information on Vaccines specific to your destinations.

Travel Accessories, with so many different items you can bring with you when you travel but what to do you bring, as you want to try and travel light to be as comfortable as possible when you visit places around the world.  A list of items that I bring with me can range from:

    • Portable phone charger

    • Waterproof Phone Case

    • Travel Pillow

  • Luggage weight scale:

Portable Electronic Digital Luggage Hanging Weighing Scale with Hook Strap Portable electronic digital luggage hanging weighing scale $10.00

  • Portable Power/USB Surge Protector

Custom Makeup Travel Toiletry Promotional Fashion Cosmetic Bags

    • shoe bag

    • cable ties

    • Suitcase lock ( If needed) depends on the suitcase you have.

    • Self Sealing Dry Bag

    • mini umbrella

Most of these items are available online from Amazon and some from our store here on boardingpassjourneys.com Travel Accessories

Also have a look at the Lonely Planet book “Best in Travel 2016”, Its a perfect size to take with you when travelling as sometimes you just need that hard copy with you for quick reference. ¬†Plus it has some great locations listed in the section of Top Travel lists, with best value destinations, Top 10 Cities, Top 10 Regions and Top 10 Countries.

Also check out my other posts on Choosing the right travel money cards for your next holiday and  Travel Apps.  Apps for your phone can range from learning how to speak another language or finding that best seat on the plane before you book your flight.  Check this out and more in my Travel Apps section. Boardingpassjourneys.com Travel Apps.

If you use any other Travel accessories or Travel Apps, please leave a comment below.

Travel safe and have fun planning your next holiday adventure for 2016.

Have a great day ūüôā


Founder of Boardingpassjourneys.com


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