Life as an Airline Pilot

For most of us that Love to travel the airplane trip is a highlight to the holiday.   Of course we all hate the queues before hand and having to get to the airport  so early and then wait in line and then line up again for security checks.  ( Don’t get me wrong I believe all this is necessary for the safety of all of us to ensure we reach our destination safely)  But once we get through all that, the plane ride can be an adventure. And if you like the window seat as I do, you will get to experience views that we don’t see everyday.  This for most of us is a very small glimpse to what the pilots see, the only difference for us is we don’t need to fly the aircraft.  We leave that to the professionals.

Sit back relax and enjoy the flight.

I normally try and fly no more than 10 hours if I can, plus it’s an excuse for me to stop over in other places on the way as given the opportunity a stopover in a place you haven’t been to for a couple of days can allow you to experience other cultures.  Maybe just think of it like Amazing race without the running around looking for another clue. 🙂

For most of us that are not pilots we seem to be interested in the Life as an Airline Pilot.   As if you are not aware its a job that has the highest responsibility but the most rewarding.   The places you travel, the views that you see everyday and the wonderful sunsets and sunrises that are encountered is a sense of satisfaction.

But my words can only give you a small insight into this, thats why I liked to share a couple of videos from youtuber golfcharlie232.


I hope you liked this video as much as I did as you can see all his videos here:

If you love flying like me 🙂 leave a comment below or if you have any questions I love to hear from you.

Safe Travels and have a Great Day.


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