Rome – Leonardo da Vinci Rome Airport Hotel

Leonardo da Vinci Rome Airport Hotel

Review of my stay at Leonardo da Vinci Rome Airport Hotel, Via Portuense 2470, Fiumicino Airport, Rome, Italy 00054.

My recent trip to Italy where I needed a couple of days to get organised and rest up before heading to the Island of Lipari off the cost of Milazzo in the Tyrrhenian Sea was a great choice.  The Leonardo da Vinci Rome Airport Hotel is close enough to the airport but at the same time only about 30mins away from the city. Now from other reviews I have read there has been mixed feelings about this hotel but for the cost and the location you cant really downgrade the rating for it.  Don’t get me wrong I love staying in luxury hotels and I try to find the best ones out there but I have learnt from my travels that the best looking hotels are not always the best in location or staff.  With the Leonardo da Vinci Rome Airport Hotel the entrance to the hotel was pleasant and had that old style feeling with 2 old elevators that where only big enough for 3 or 4 people with luggage.  But it was fine as its an elevator and it works and reached my floor so thats a success, people shouldn’t overthink the little things when rating a hotel that is not high cost as you do get what you pay for when staying in hotels.   My room was bigger than newer hotels that I have stayed in and the bathroom was good enough and also had heaps of room.

The room had a balcony with a great opening door and with a open balcony where you can walk to the room next door which was great as we had a few people in our group which we meet each night for a drink and sharing of laughs and to talk about what we did during the day.  This was great also to meet other people that where on the same floor. The restaurant and bar in my opinion was pretty good and the breakfast provided was a nice range of hot and cold selections. The staff in the restaurant and bar where a pleasure to talk and very helpful. The restaurant and bar really did capture that you were in a traditional Italian family restaurant, given the price of this hotel and the food that was served I was happy with the overall experience of this.  I used the gym every morning and the gym equipment was in good condition and easy to use, there was enough towels and water cooler with cups and was very clean too. Also  TV’s positioned above the treadmills was a nice feature and great to use when working out.The swimming pool was nice looking and big but due to the weather and the time I was staying there I was unable to jump in but it looked very inviting.

The other thing that I am asked about when travelling is how close is the hotel to a convenient store? Well If you need to visit a local store for supplies, I found a local grocery store only a 6 minute walk and the directions from the hotel is. Just turn right out of the driveway of the hotel and walk straight and you will reach this store in about 6 minutes. It had a large selection of pretty much everything you might need.

Now since I was in Rome I had to make the effort to see the Colosseum if I was only here for 2 days, the front desk staff were very helpful in organising a the shuttle bus service for a small fee to the city which was convenient as we were dropped off and picked up after we spent a day visiting the Colosseum.  The Shuttle City bus service was great and its also great speaking to the driver and getting some local knowledge.

The overall experience and for the price I was very happy with the stay here, If you are looking for a hotel in Rome for a short stay, Leonardo da Vinci Rome Airport Hotel is a nice choice.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below as I would love to hear if you have stayed at any other hotels while in Rome as I will be travelling back soon and would love to experience them. You can also check out my other hotel reviews here.

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