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Travel Always Brings A Smile To Our Face

We at Boardingpassjourneys specialize in reviewing Hotels and Travel Photography. Our aim is to search for the best hotel service around the world. For a look at our Travel photos visit our instagram page at @jamesraffaele_ We have stayed in many hotels that were expensive and glamorous but failed to provide excellent customer service. What […]

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Travel, Relax and learn a new language

Traveling is fun and at times we wish we knew a little bit more of the language for the country that we will be visiting, its not only to show respect but locals really appreciate when you make the effort to speak their language.   But we all have the excuse that we just don’t have […]

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Taking Photos while you travel. How you came to shoot that picture.

With the different types of cameras available to us in todays world we are able to capture not only whats in front of us but using the popular selfie sticks that we see everywhere now, but also with the great designs of water proof cases that are available we can capture underwater shots to  remind […]

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