Taking Photos while you travel. How you came to shoot that picture.

With the different types of cameras available to us in todays world we are able to capture not only whats in front of us but using the popular selfie sticks that we see everywhere now, but also with the great designs of water proof cases that are available we can capture underwater shots to  remind ourselves of the wonderful times we had while travelling the world.  But what does the photo you take really mean to you?  I was asked recently to provide a photo with a brief explanation on a particular photo and how it came about and where and how I took that shot.

The photo was from when I was travelling through Sydney, Australia and this is what the photo meant to me.

My day in a place I have never visited before, always starts with a walk around to see and capture the life of the City being Sydney.  I was always told that the beauty of most places is when you look up. And that’s what I found when walking towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This gigantic symbol of Australia embraces you when you are close to this steel beauty. With the perfect blue sky and palm tree in view, my camera shooting reaction was the most pleasant and calming, taking 1 shot to capture my morning walk in Sydney.

Photo Taken by James Raffaele

Photo Taken by James Raffaele

Do you have a particular photo from your travels that if someone was to ask what it means to you, what would you say?  And how to did you take it, was it with a mobile phone or a DSLR?

I also like to share with you my experiences on using selfie sticks as I have been through a lot and tried many different styles and bought them from all over the world.   You will see them for sale in most tourist places and when visiting certain locations like in Rome where you find a person holding about 20 selfie sticks selling them for 10 Euros.   They will do the job but I would suggest you buy one before you travel and test it out as I have seen many people buy these and only to find that while taking there photo the Mobile phone slips and drops to the ground.  This is something you don’t what to happen on your holidays especially if the mobile phone is your only camera on the trip. Always check the tightness of the clamp holding the phone no matter which Selfie stick you use.

Feel free to share your comments below.

Safes Travels and have a great day.


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