Travel Always Brings A Smile To Our Face

We at Boardingpassjourneys specialize in reviewing Hotels and Travel Photography. Our aim is to search for the best hotel service around the world. For a look at our Travel photos visit our instagram page at @jamesraffaele_

We have stayed in many hotels that were expensive and glamorous but failed to provide excellent customer service. What started out reviewing one hotel 8 years ago and has ended up seeing Boardingpassjourneys reviewing more hotels each year. Visit our Tripadvisor profile page here for more details. Boardingpassjourneys Reviews and Photos

We constantly update our facebook and instagram pages more often rather than our website, as we have found after speaking to people around the world that they prefer a quick glance at photos or shared articles or to see our Tripadvisor page to assist them in their travel needs.

For more information and if you require our services for reviewing hotels please contact

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