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Hi Everyone, Today is a major accomplishment for me and I hope sharing this with you will motivate you to do more and feel rewarded. Today I am writing this from Dubai, traveling on my own to meet family in Italy.  I would not imagine seeing myself do this many years ago.  But with the all the steps of motivation I have been doing I can tell you that it works.  I began with small steps that allows me to see the accomplishments ahead and being able to share this can be a step forward for anyone needing that little push to prove to yourself that you can do it.

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I have below a few new steps that I hope help you.

My Morning Ritual:

  • I wake up at 5.30am, I drink a glass of water and then I meditate for 10 mins to set my right intentions to start the day. Learning to meditate has helped me to breathe better and feel calmer in the mornings.  I purchased the book “Meditation for Beginners” from Amazon which is a great read and a great start to learning how to mediate. Meditation for Beginners is helpful and easy to read and I love the simple understanding of meditation outlined by the author on how to meditate. If you are looking for a good read on Meditation for Beginners, please give this book a go and I would love to hear your reviews on this as well.

My other steps include:

  • Exercising:  This doesn’t have to be a marathon just start by walking or cycling for about 40 minutes, you will feel great and your body will feel rewarded.  The key to enjoying exercise is having music you love to hear to motivate you more.
  • After my exercise I do some stretches then have my protein shake. Of course drink plenty of water before and after each exercise.  I didn’t always take protein drinks, I tried many products and finding the right one for me was also a long road.
  • After my Protein Shake, I have hot and steamy shower, this is great for your body and you will feel great after this.  Also a hot shower is great if you are stressed or have trouble sleeping, take a hot shower for 10 minutes can calm your body and nerves.   If you have a mood mist, add lavender oil as it will help relax more.
  • I listen to uplifting music as I get ready after my shower and also during my breakfast, this truly helps to prepare yourself for the day.
  • Dress to feel great.  If you can dress to impress yourself, this will also make you and your body feel great.

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After traveling a little on my own, I have learnt more about myself.  There are times you need to be on your own to discover your thoughts and to see what you are really capable of doing in life.  This trip has changed me for the better and I can see a little more clear now.  My goals are in front of me and I can reach them now.

I hope my short post has given you some inspiration and never give up, as “You” write your own story in life and that path can be positive.

Have a wonderful day and stay well.


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