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These Travel Apps can be great to use on your next holiday.

Best Travel Apps


Foreign Currency Finder:

Need to find a Foreign Currency Outlet while traveling. Foreign Currency Finder App will give you up to date exchange rates and display the location of nearby Foreign Currency Outlets, saving you time on your travels. Select the currency you want with our Convert Currency Calculator

Built-in Weather based on your current location
Currency Calculator, Quick access to Convert Currency with Exchange rates for all countries.
Simple and easy to use
Displays nearby Foreign Currency Outlets.
Exchange Rates updated every 15 seconds.

iPhone screen open pageForeign Currency Finder iPhone App iPhone screent shot 3 Foreign Currency Finder iPhone App
Additional Info:
To access the Currency Calculator, tap the Convert Currency button. To view locations of Foreign Exchange Outlets you can tap on the map button.

For quick access to the Currency Calculator tap any of the Top 5 currencies on the first page. You can change the currency type in the calculator by tapping the currency code or country flag.

The exchange rates provided by this Currency Converter are intended as a guide only. Exchange rates at Foreign Currency Outlets in-store may differ from those displayed in this App.
All rates are subject to change from time to time without notice.

If you have any suggestions or feedback please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below as your feedback is valuable to me.

App in the Air:

The App definitely looks and feels like it has it all.  I have used many flight Apps and still use them, but I am finding that this App has what I need when Traveling.  All the information for my flight and weather details is very nice.  The travel feeds are very useful and having uber access within this App is a bonus too.   The Apple Watch notifications works well, overall its pretty good.   They have recently updated the app to included Airport tips which come in handy. Give this App a go and download it now.

I have rated this App  5 stars 5 Stars


Google Translate:

Google Translate App has comes in handy as it has a real-time speech translation functionality with a feature they call word lens function which you can use on the street signs to translate on the go. Not  all languages are included yet but its slowly growing.

Google Translate won’t make you an expert but I know from using this, it gets you by when you need to do the simple things, like buying a coffee or buying a sim card or even finding the train station. Its not perfect but it helps.  Download this free app today.


SeatGuru Travel App:

Finding the best or comfortable seat on a plane is what we all want, SeatGuru gives you all the required information on the seats for your upcoming flight. SeatGuru provides you the information for airplane seating, in-flight amenities, and airline information.

SeatGuru also provides photos of the seats to give you an idea of what they look like and if you might be comfortable, especially on flights that are 12 hours or more you want to make sure you have a good seat. I use SeatGuru all the time before I travel and you have the option to submit your own photo of the seat to share with everyone with your comments.

SeatGuru also gives you the option to shop for flights within the App, SeatGuru is a must have for anyone travelling.  Download it now and leave a comment below if you found this App helpful.


Tripit Travel organiser:

Organise your travel plans with this App.  I have been using this for a few years now and it really comes in handy.

Information below is from Tripit website:

Simply forward your travel confirmation emails to and TripIt automagically creates a detailed daily itinerary for every trip.

Key Features
• Forward hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurant confirmation emails to to create an instant itinerary (If you use Gmail or Google Apps, it happens automatically)
• Access travel plans anytime (even offline), on any device—now including Apple Watch
• Get directions and maps for each destination
• Sync trip plans with your Apple Calendar, Outlook, or Google Calendar
• Add or edit plans manually—from the app or on
• Share some (or all) of your trip plans via email or social

Give Tripit a try and leave comment below on what Apps you use for your travels.  Safe travels 🙂

Hopper: Finding the best Airline deals and saving money on flights can be hard at times.  If you are one that loves to plan your own holiday and find great deals on flights, then you have to try the Hopper App.  I have been using this for over a month and I found a couple of deals that I have booked saving me some money.  Its easy to use and the best part, the Hopper App sends you notifications on the flight deals you want.  Give it a try and leave a comment below if this Hopper App helped you out.



This App is a must have for when you Travel. Smartraveller App keeps you up to date with Travel advice and potential risks you might be faced with overseas. The other important part that most of us forget is Travel Registration, the information you provide Smartraveller  will allow them to contact or find you in an emergency. Smartraveller can provide you with contact details for Australian Embassies and Consulates. It also provides you with travel tips for things like travel insurance and staying safe when travelling. Smartraveller also provides you with important tips that are included in their Top 10 Travel Tips.  They also give you a Travel Checklist thats helps to guide you through your travel plans.

Flight Radar 24:

This great Travel App allows you to track and see all flights in any region viewing live Traffic data.  I use this App to confirm my incoming or outgoing flights during my travels.  Its also helpful for when you need to collect a friend or family member from the airport.

This App is available FREE or you can pay for the full version which has added extras.  Give the FREE one a go and see if you like it.




This is another Travel App that I use alot, as soon as my flights are booked I enter the flight details in this App to create “My Trips” which is all my flights and destinations giving me up to date information prior to my arrival to the airport. This is great just incase your flight is delayed or canceled. You will receive notifications on your iPhone or Apple Watch allowing you to have a quick glance at the times. The App has great features added to it which shows you a seat map of the plane you are travelling and with options to call the airline or find alternates flight should that be needed. This is all in 1 Travel App. I would highly recommend this one.

Singapore Airlines Travel App:

Depending on the airlines you fly, should you use Singapore Airlines you need this App. It has been updated and improved to give you alot more information that its previous versions. Its easy to use and lets you search flights, check in, change your booking or seat location or look at your upcoming flights and also give you information on your KrisFlyer status and miles. The other hidden option that I found was that I was able from within the App to book a hotel using Agoda or a Rental car from rental I do fly most airlines but I can say that this App has truly improved and is now worth using. Hope you enjoy this.

Sky Scanner Travel App:

This App is great to search for flight deals for all airlines and is easy to use.  It gives you a list of all prices with or without stopovers.  I use this App to book my flight through but also I use Sky Scanner to show me the price range for the time that I am planning to travel.  After you enter your flight search details it will give you a list of websites you can purchase the flights through.

Have a great day and safe travels 🙂

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