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With so many Travel bloggers people ask me why I started one and why not just read what others have?   Easy question to answer.  We are all unique in our own ways and what we share may seem to others to be the same but in fact has its differences.   For me I love reading other peoples travel blogs and learning from them and also in most cases have travelled to the same places to gain my own experiences. I can then share to my audience and always happy to refer them to other travel blogs for more information should it be for places I haven’t been yet but plan to travel to.

My travel books Boardingpassjourneys

I also appreciate the amount of work these people go through as this is their full-time job where for me, I add to my webpage when I can, but the more I read other Travel blogs and the more I share them on my facebook page Boardingpassjourneys gives me the inspiration to write more, travel more and share my journeys.  We all have a journey in life and how we walk this path is entirely up to you, make it count and travel the world. I also love sharing videos of places I plan to or have been and an example of one video I came across shows most of the activities I wanted to do when travelling to Hawaii later this year.  I noticed and appreciate the everyday person taking their camera on holidays will capture most of the realistic images to give the viewer a sense of what they can expect when arriving at their destination.  Its normally a couple of people and a camera just having real fun on holidays, this to me is the best way to seek out information on places to travel, as its no Hollywood movie production its just real people.  I have a perfect example below of a video taken from 2014 in Hawaii and still very current on the activities that one can experience.  Check this out.

I also love reading about places and what better way to learn about a destination is by the good old fashion book or ebook 🙂 I enjoy visiting the lonely planet website not only for the great books but for the general information they have on all the places in the world. Check out the photo of the ones that I have recently bought to add to my collection and they all have been or will be a great help on my next holiday.

Oasia HotelOasia Hotel

I also have below links to Amazon which is a great place to buy theses from.



Let us know how you research your holiday destinations by leaving a comment below and I would love to hear from you about the places you have traveled.

Safe Travels and a have a great day. 🙂


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