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We all try and find that perfect luggage that will get our items to our destination and hope that it arrives in one piece.  But how much do we need to spend?  It all depends on material and if it has 4 wheel spin or 2 and are the zips tamper proof saving me from wrapping it with plastic when I am at the airport.

American Tourister

My latest addition to my luggage collection was the American Tourister Bon Air Hardside Suitcase in White, I thought I will go with white to not be like everyone else 🙂  Well I thought……….   When I was waiting for my luggage in Rome I thought I saw my suitcase and said “This is great, its the only white one there”  Until I looked at the name tag and saw that it wasn’t mine. 🙂  My suitcase did show up a couple of minutes after.

American Tourister White 4 wheel spinner


Check out my full review here: American Tourister Bon Air Hardside Suitcase



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