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Traveling is fun and at times we wish we knew a little bit more of the language for the country that we will be visiting, its not only to show respect but locals really appreciate when you make the effort to speak their language.   But we all have the excuse that we just don’t have time to learn another language.  Well I am here to tell you that you have the time by using “Earworms Musical Brian Trainer”, its available on your mobile phone by using their app to learn a new language, quickly and easily with music.


I have been using this for some time now and its truly amazing with just listening each day what new words you pick up.  The structured learning that Earworms provides allows me to listen and learn anywhere so you don’t need to be in a class to learn another language, if you just wanted to learn to speak a few sentences when traveling.  Classroom learning is great and if you have the time then you can try that but living in a world that we find that time is what we don’t have much of, then give Earworms Musical Brian Trainer ago. Just listen on the way to work or before you sleep or when just relaxing. And by the time you are traveling you will know a few more words to help you along the way.

Earworms learning


Earworms Rapid Languages Apps are available from iTunes.

Rapid Japanese

Rapid Chinese

Rapid Spanish

Rapid Italian

Rapid French

Rapid Russian

Rapid Cantonese

Rapid German


Leave a comment below on what you use to learn a new language or if you currently use Earworms, tell me how you find this and how it has helped you when traveling.

Safe travels and have a great day. 🙂


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